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StartupWind, Inc and Toronto Business Development Centre(TBDC) announced their partnership for StartupWind Global Accelerator program that will help startups across the globe to tap into Silicon Valley ecosystem and the eligible finalists would be fast tracked for startup VISA program Canada.

Cupertino California, March 9th, 2021 – StartupWind Inc, and Toronto Business Development Centre(TBDC) announced their partnership today for StartupWind Global accelerator program that will help in accelerating the growth and expansion of the selected global startups in the North American market.

The selected startups will benefit from:

Neha Bahl, CEO at Toronto Business Development Centre(TBDC) said,
“At TBDC we’re helping grow the next wave of tech start-ups in Toronto. StartupWind platform, Global Accelerator coupled with TBDC’s startup visa program provides a unique opportunity for global startups to expand their footprint and accelerate business growth.”

Esha Chopra, Director Strategy and Marketing of Toronto Business Development Centre(TBDC) said,
“We are excited about our partnership with StartupWind. The platform’s global reach to over 25,000 innovators, best-in-class innovation tools and world-class entrepreneurship courses are synergistic to TBDC’s startup programs and will help the growth of our selected startups.”

Naren Patil, the Founder & CEO of StartupWind said,
“Our Global Accelerator program is designed to bring Silicon Valley & Wall Street expertise to promising global start-ups. The intense structure of the program covers all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey and will help selected global startups accelerate their growth. Our accelerator program coupled with TBDC will open up a door to the large North American market for the promising global startups.”

About StartupWind, Inc

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, StartupWind unveils a new way to connect, ideate, mentor, and scale startups and SMBs. StartupWind provides a comprehensive platform for startups and SMB entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and make an impact. StartupWind has been delivering an impact to about 25,000 users and 5,000 SMBs affiliated to over 100 universities across 100 countries in the world. It is helping universities and states to scale their tech startups and SMB economic development programs by delivering the AI-powered Innovation Platform that offers tools for ideation, customer discovery, business model canvas, business planning, competitions, mentoring, and learning management system.

Please visit www.startupwind.com for more information.

About Toronto Business Development Centre(TBDC)

Toronto Business Development Centre(TBDC) offers support for launching, growing, and scaling start-ups. Their motto is to help grow the next wave of tech start-ups in Toronto through its Start-up Visa Program. TBDC is the first start-up incubator in Toronto. TBDC offers access to key resources such as business advisory support and a professional environment to establish your business. TBDC motivates entrepreneurial-minded individuals from diverse communities to develop their business plans and to effectively start up their companies through a variety of tailored programs. TBDC and its affiliate organizations provide advisory support to young student entrepreneurs, individuals currently receiving social assistance, and persons with disabilities.

Please visit www.tbdc.com for more information.


This release was originally published by StartupWind here


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