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If you’re a startup looking to assemble a professional pitch deck, you may already have read our previous blog, How to Write an Effective Pitch Deck. Now that you’ve got a handle on key content and slides, in this blog, we help you understand how to optimize your presentation in a visually appealing and engaging way. 

You will find best practices on:

What constitutes a well-designed and presented pitch deck

Like anything visual – the main criteria is the mental impact and emotion your presentation evokes. A well out together startup pitch deck can capture the audience’s attention and draw them in immediately. It does not confuse or overload the viewer, instead creates an organic flow of an unfolding story. 

Here are some thumb rules you should follow to achieve this effect for your pitch deck:

  1. Keep it simple and consistent: Use a clean and easy-to-read font with a consistent colour scheme matching your branding throughout the deck.
  2. Use images and graphics: Incorporate high-quality images and graphics that support your content to add to your storytelling.
  3. Organize your content: Use a logical and organized structure that guides the audience through your presentation. 
  4. Spend time on language: Getting complicated jargon or USPs into simple sentences takes time, but it makes your presentation that much more digestible.
  5. Use data visualization: Instead of long paragraphs, lists or multiple tables, use charts, graphs, and other visual aids to help the audience quickly understand the information.
  6. Practice good design principles: Use good design principles such as alignment, balance, and hierarchy to create a polished and professional-looking pitch deck.
  7. Use appropriate animation and transition effects: Use subtle animations and transitions to keep the presentation visually interesting but not distracting.

What did some of the best startup pitch decks get right

Mike Vernal from Sequoia Capital was asked what the best pitch decks have in common; he said,
“Just keep it simple and stupid. If you can’t get an investor’s attention in 3 minutes, you will have a lot of trouble getting a customer’s attention in the same amount of time.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5qWn0SfTXA


Airbnb’s pitch deck was one of the first pitch decks of a Unicorn company made available to the public. It’s old (2009) but still holds many important takeaways for entrepreneurs today.

Airbnb has the perfect combination of storytelling and slide design. 

If you’d like a template like Airbnb’s pitch deck, you can use Slidebean’s modern take on Airbnb’s pitch deck.


A hardware device that monitors noise, occupancy, and secures vacation homes, Minut, raised $14M with this pitch deck.

This sharp 21-slide pitch deck is all about traction. It’s clear that Minut knows exactly what it’s doing through the calm confidence with which it portrays itself. 

If you want traction-forward templates like Minut’s pitch deck, you can choose from these Canva templates: White Blue Neon, White Toasca Orange, Dark Blue and Cyan


Founded in 2021, Perfeggt, a Berlin-based food tech company, has raised US $4M to become Europe’s number one vegan egg brand.

Perfeggt plays up its brand language, maximalist colour themes, and drool-worthy photos to draw us in. This is a great example for companies raising funds in pre-seed stages; Perfeggt drills down on the need, the market, and why their product is the right one to back. 

If you’d like to create a bright, fun pitch deck like Perfeggt, try some of these templates by Pitch: Startup pitch deck, Investor Pitch Deck

How to select the right template for your presentation 

Feeling charged to get started? Before you select a pitch deck template, here are a few quick reminders on selecting the right template for your startup to ensure a smooth creation process. 

  1. Industry: Consider your industry and whether the template reflects the tone and style of your industry.
  1. Brand identity: Although most templates are majorly editable, try to find one that already aligns with your brand identity. It shouldn’t require too many colour, font, and design tweaks, or it could completely lose its original impact. 
  1. Content: Compare the content you need to present and find a template with most, if not all, of the necessary slides and layouts. If you have your content organized in advance, you’ll be able to recognize the right slides immediately. 
  1. Budget: Chalk out a budget for creating a pitch deck. Some templates may be free, but keeping a budget aside for a more well-matched paid template or a designer who can customize templates professionally, could be money well invested. 
  1. Ease of use: If you’re deciding to create it yourself, do some homework on the platform offering the template – is it a downloadable template that’s fully editable on Powerpoint? Is it a Google Slides template? Do you know how to use Canva?

By considering these factors, you can find a pitch deck template that aligns with your business needs, effectively communicates your message, and resonates with your viewer. 

Links to startup pitch deck templates

1. Canva

2. Pitch

Get this Pitch template here

3. Slidebean

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