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Join In Campus is an ed-tech company that connects universities and recruiters to facilitate study abroad opportunities for international students across the globe. The team of experts is serving since 2008.

Join In Campus, a leading education recruitment company has announced its move to Canada to grow and support its existing global network. Originally established in France, the ed-tech startup has made the move to Toronto through TBDC’s Startup Visa (SUV) Program.

t its core, Join In Campus is a platform that provides aspiring international students with an easier way to discover and apply to the best institutes globally. The company can do this by promoting over 1500 universities as well as over 2500 recruiters and career counsellors. For students, Join In Campus offers numerous advantages including access to top-ranked universities, free counselling, visa assistance, and scholarship opportunities. However, the company’s primary target audience are to work closely with universities and recruiters. By bringing together thousands of international students from over 40 different countries, Join In Campus offers an immense recruitment opportunity for universities and recruiters looking to expand their international student enrollments.

Founded in 2008 by Chetnesh Mishra, the company initially started in France and other European markets. Since then, the company has further expanded its footprint to other major education hubs including Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The company’s business model is based on charging universities a fee for every successful enrolment and benefits recruiters for their student enrolments. Since its inception, the company has seen tremendous success and is regarded as a leading player in the industry. Join In Campus has been awarded as the Best Student Enrolment Agency by many of the top-ranked global universities.

Much of the company’s growth and success can be attributed to Mishra. His leadership and vision as well as his global perspective has been instrumental in the company achieving new heights. According to Mishra, the decision to establish the business in Canada had to do with the immense growth opportunity that the country provided. Furthermore, he felt that the company’s growing global network of universities, recruiters, and students would be best supported in Canada.

TBDC has been working closely with Mishra as he begins the next chapter for his company. Aside from facilitating the visa process, TBDC has provided the company with accelerator support, growth opportunities, and access to a local network of mentors and potential partners. “The support I have received from TBDC has been excellent so far,” said Mishra, “they have connected me with clients, mentors, as well as potential investors and customers who will help me grow the company.”


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