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Podcasts are an incredibly convenient way to learn and be entertained, and now you can use them to update your business finance knowledge too! Take a break from books and videos to tune into these ten finance podcasts that can fit into your entrepreneurial routine anytime, anywhere.

1. Financial Planning For Canadian Business Owners Podcast

Financial Planning For Canadian Business Owners Podcast

For Canadian start-up founders, it doesn’t get better than this. Host, Jason Pereira, is a renowned Canadian financial planner who has lived and breathed financial planning for over 20 years. The show features guests who are experts in various areas of finance and business, providing insights into a wide range of topics, including business taxation, investments, estate planning, and insurance. 

Take your pick with these revelatory episodes: 

2. Canada’s Podcast

This podcast is a must-listen for all Canadian entrepreneurs seeking knowledge and inspiration. It is an excellent resource to learn more about the Canadian business landscape. Hosted by multiple business experts, like Phillip Bliss (Ontario Host), Angela Faye (BC Host), and Mario Toneguzzi (Calgary & Edmonton Host), to name a few. The show features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, providing insights into various aspects of business, including marketing, sales, finance, and operations. 

(Some out of many) Finance episodes to tune into:

3. Startup Women Canada

A perfect resource for women entrepreneurs in Canada who are looking for finance and start-up knowledge. Hosted by Kayla Isabelle, featuring interviews with successful Canadian women entrepreneurs and business leaders, talking about funding, sales, marketing, HR, and everything in between. Their episodes are mostly ‘how-to’ based, helping their listeners turn their insights into actionable steps with every listen! 

(Some out of many) Finance episodes to tune into:

4. Tank Talks

Tank Talks is hosted by Matt Cohen, a Toronto-based serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits under his belt. Matt is now the founder of Ripple Ventures, an early-stage venture fund focused on investments in SaaS Products. His podcast features top investors, operators, and industry experts. The podcast started as a way to add value to their portfolio companies but is now open to everyone. 

Here are some useful Tank Talk episodes: 

5. The Canadian Investor

This podcast is great for entrepreneurs looking for investment knowledge with the Canadian economic and business landscape. Hosted by Braden Dennis and Simon Belanger, the show features well-researched facts and analysis of investment strategies, corporate news, stocks, and the Canadian economy. Their insights are widely applicable to businesses and personal finance, both.

Some of their episodes include:

6. Her CEO Journey™ The Business Finance Podcast for Mission-Driven Women Entrepreneurs

Her CEO Journey™

An open and inspirational show for women entrepreneurs, Toronto-based host Christina, spends quality time with leading women on a mission. Her guests talk about business and money, disappointments, failures, and successes as they grew sales ranging from 6 to 9 figures. She asks difficult questions so you can learn and make more informed financial decisions for your business.

Enter CEO journey episodes here: 

7. Acquired

This podcast was born out of Ben and David’s curiosity and passion for understanding what went into the making of successful business acquisitions. Seattle-based Acquired is not for myopic listeners; their episodes can go up to 3-4 hours because of their in-depth conversations. On their podcast, you can even catch conversations with famous CEOs of Twitter, Zoom, Atari, Electronic Arts, and Sequoia Capital

Here are some great episodes to start:

8. Ask a CFO

Ask a CFO

Ask a CFO is a weekly corporate finance Q & A with the CEO of Vanreusel Ventures, James Vanreusel. This California-based CFO answers questions sent to him by listeners about corporate finance, entrepreneurship milestones, FP& A, tech stacks, growing pains, investor relations, fundraising, and more. His episodes are crisp and short, making for a very light listen.

Here are some quick episodes for you:

9. Scale by Numbers

Yes, it’s James Vanreusel again with his corporate podcast, Scale by Numbers. A longer interview format, James features some of the best and brightest minds in what he terms the ‘Startup Stack’. His most recent season is all about levelling up and preparing to raise money, so many conversations with accelerator programs, investors, venture capital firms, and studios.

Start your deep dive right here: 

10. Mastering Your Small Business Finances

Mastering Your Small Business Finances

Chris Panek is a CPA, Business Strategist & Business Coach for entrepreneurs. Her empathetic and motivational tone is unique to her style. She gets straight to the point with crucial financial challenges in money management, bookkeeping, entrepreneurship, side hustles, accounting, and cash flow that entrepreneurs face, providing tips and actionable next steps to improve current practices. 

Tune into Chris’ top finance topics here:

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