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Are You Starting?


Perhaps you have conducted preliminary research that supports the viability of your business and have taken the first steps towards being in business. There are, however, still many questions to be answered. There is no reason to do it alone when Toronto Business Development Centre has an infrastructure of assistance in place to help you successfully launch your business venture.

TBDC's ' Starting-a-Business' Certificate Seminar Series consists of four sessions developed primarily for people in the Thinking or Starting stage of business a start up. This is a certificate series and also includes a one-hour consulting session with a TBDC Business Advisor once you have attended all four sessions.

Starting a Business: The Essentials

In this seminar you will learn key points to consider when starting a business. Learn about legal structure, business registration and business licences. Learn the importance of having a business plan in achieving long term success. To get you started on the development of your business plan this session will help you create your Company Profile.

Business Research: Will Your Idea Work?

Most Businesses fail not due to a lack of start up money or a poor idea, but because of weak business research. In this seminar you will learn how to conduct effective research for all aspects of your business idea; what to look for, how to create a useful surveys and identify your target market. Our research expert will simplify the process while focusing on what is essential.

Marketing: How to Get and Keep Customers

If you don't have customers you don't have a business. Our facilitator will help you develop your positioning statement. Next, you will begin to create effective marketing and customer service strategies. In this seminar we will help you develop the Marketing section of your business plan.

Tax and Cash Flow: Ensure Your Business is Profitable

Topics for this session include cash flow, HST and allowable business expenses. A good portion of the seminar will be devoted to preparation of a cash flow forecast and discussing techniques to effectively manage cash flow. We will also discuss how to incorporate your financial forecast into your business plan.

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